DJ Skotish mixes various types of music to include House, Top40 remixes, Dubstep, Latin House, Hip-Hop and anything else that floats his boat or gets the crowd jumpin’.

He is a trained musician that can play several “normal” instruments besides his DJ controller.  Mom and Dad thrust him into piano lessons at the age of 7 and he couldn’t shake it until his Junior year of college.  He picked up the guitar along the way and added Choral directing into the mix for good measure.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music, to include half of the graduate work in Music as well.

Why didn’t he finish, you ask?… Well, life happens and the additional degree just isn’t needed any more.  But you can still enjoy the fruits of his labors.

Contact DJ Skotish to book him for your next event.   Contact him as soon as you have a date because his calendar does fill up.