Sierra Blanca Prom – Cinco de Mayo

On Cinco de Mayo 2012, I DJ’d the Prom for Sierra Blanca High School.  They are a very small school with about 30 students in their Junior and Senior classes combined.  They are small, but it was one of the best decorated gymnasiums I’ve ever seen.

They certainly do like Pitbull, country music and line-dancing :-)

Here is a highlight video from the event:

One thing that really left a positive impression on me about this school was there were several special needs students, and they had dates, and they danced aaallll night with their dates.  I thought that showed a lot of maturity.  In one clip of the video you see a student pushing his date around the dance floor during a slow song.  The students even helped that student during the line dances – every single one: Wobble, Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, etc. – they would push her and turn her with the movements!  BRAVO!!!!

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